It looks like a mama bear and her two cubs just wanted to hang out at an Aspen, Colorado mall. Watch the amazing footage of them coming out this tree. 

Well, unfortunately, the mama bear picked a spot that wasn't safe for either her and the cubs or the humans that live and work in that area.

The question is how do you get them out? Then, what do you with them?

Working together, the Colorado Parks & Wildlife and the Aspen Fire Department came up with a plan, and it didn't involve killing the bears. CPW officials were able to get close enough to safely use tranquilizer guns on the three.

Soon after, the mama began to slowly slide down the base of the tree where firefighters, police, and others on hand helped wrap her in a tarp, safe and sound.

The cubs, on the other hand, was difficult of a chore. The two cubs succumbed to the sedation, just like their mama, but they did not easily slide down the tree. That's when the fire department decided to use their cherry-picker basket to retrieve the cubs from up in the tree.

All three appeared unscathed by the ordeal.

CPW officials say that the bear family will be taken to a very nice area close to the Utah border.

It has been reported that bear activity in Colorado could reach an all-time high this fall. Luckily, no one was hurt and the bears were simply removed from the area. That's a good ending to this story.

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