What do you do if you have bears approach your home? The correct answer apparently is to get out your saxophone and play as bad as you can really really loud if a new video share is to be believed.

Disclaimer: this guy really sucks at saxophone playing. Seriously. He's bad. I've witnessed cows giving birth that made prettier sounds than this guy. That being said, this is the most unique bear repellent you're likely to ever witness.

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Here's the short version of what this guy had to say for himself:

A mother bear with three cubs have been approaching our home... frequently. I play loud noises with my saxophone to scare them away. It works!

It works because it would work on anybody and anything. If you can stand to be within 5 miles of this guy when he plays the saxophone, you're a stronger person than I am. I would say that you'd be better off turning your sound down, but for the sake of education and understanding, leave it up. We need to learn from this teachable moment.

I'm glad that the guy and his family weren't harmed and that the bears appear to have escaped safely albeit with damaged bear hearing from the bad music he belted their way. As a public service, I'm sharing this video with him. You can thank me later.

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