Here's a pro tip if you'd like to meet bears. Leave food trash in your pickup. Do that in bear country and you will win every single time. Yes, that's sarcasm, but it just happened. Again.

Here's what the genius said about what happened in the back of his pickup:

I'm a maintenance tech at a cabin company, when I came out of a cabin from repairing a hot tub I found these bears in my truck eating trash.

I have to confess that I feel sorry for the bears. Bears love food and will eat constantly if you let them. The fact that they're apex predators and fear very little just adds to the problem. If you leave junk in your pickup in our part of America, you will eventually have a visitor. They do seem partial to pickups.

If you think this is cute and/or funny, remember what a bear did to a Colorado dude's truck?

If only these people would follow the USDA's guide about how you live in bear country. There's a good reason why they have in big bold letters that you have to SECURE YOUR FOOD.

It will be a happy day when I no longer can find any instances of people doing dumb things around wildlife. Do I expect that day to arrive any time soon? Unfortunately, no way. Not a chance.

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