We've been following these adorable bear cubs for weeks now, but officially, their journey has come to an end. The previously orphaned bear cubs who were cared for by Colorado Parks and Wildlife have officially been released into the wild.

After being cared for over the summer at Wet Mountain Wildlife Rehabilitation in Whetmore, the bears were tranquilized and brought to a man-made bear den (created by Colorado Parks and Wildlife) on Pike's Peak. The staff knew they would enter torpor (a state similar to hibernation), and eventually wake up and begin their new lives as wild bears, giving them a second chance at survival.

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According to CPW NE Region on Twitter, the bears have officially been released into the wild.

We're so grateful to Colorado Parks and Wildlife for caring for our wildlife in a humane and understanding way, and for giving them another shot at being wild bears; a shot they may not have had before.

The U.S. Parks Service wants to remind everyone to remain safe around bears: do not allow them access to your food, keep your distance, and be especially cautious if you see a female with her cubs.

For more on general bear safety, read here. 

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