Have you had a chance to visit the new Grand Junction store specializing in all things Scottish? They just opened, and here are five things you'll want to check out right away.

Taylor's Croft just opened on Patterson near the Mesa Mall. It's a locally owned and operated family business offering various items direct from Scotland and Ireland. While this husband and wife team have operated a web business out of the valley for some time, this is their first retail shop.

Waylon Jordan

The new store, Taylor's Croft, opened for business on Saturday. I was invited to attend their ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday. While there, I enjoyed a chance to look around and take a few photos.

Take a look at five items you might enjoy.

  • Waylon Jordan

    Authentic Scottish Clothing for Sale or Rent

  • Waylon Jordan

    Board Games

  • Waylon Jordan

    Hats for Men and Women

  • Waylon Jordan

    Authentic Haggis from Scotland

  • Waylon Jordan