A Colorado woman gave birth last Monday to a 13 pound 13 ounce baby. Apparently, this is BIG news. I'm a guy, and as a result, haven't a clue how much a baby is supposed to weigh. I thought they all weighed that much. Help me out. How much did you or your children weigh at birth?

Honestly, I thought all babies were 10 to 15 pounds at birth, and they all come out already three-years-old and able to walk. I'm 44, and the youngest person in my family. I don't have kids, and neither does my brother.

As it turns out, the baby's mother, Alisha Hernandez, was expecting a seven pound baby.

According to Whattoexpect.com, the average birth weight of a baby is 7.5 pounds. This is news to me.

Does that average include the weight of the clothes and little booties they're born wearing? I've never seen a baby that wasn't wearing those things, so I assumed they were already on when the baby came out.

Help a guy to put this into perspective. Can you recall your birth weight? For that matter, if you have kids, what did they weigh? Let's find out if this 7.5 pound estimate is accurate, and if 13 pounds 13 ounces is really that out of the ordinary.

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