Nothing hits the spot during the holidays like listening to an old time radio show. No doubt you've had the chance to listen to recordings of the Jack Benny Show, The Lone Ranger, or a number of other popular classics.. There are, however, a handful of real gems you may not have heard. Take a trip back to the thrilling days of yesteryear with my pick for the top five best old time radio shows.

If you enjoy the idea of being magically transported back through time, just click on the titles below, and you'll be instantly beamed back to these classic radio shows. Each show consists of several episodes.

Here are my top five picks: To listen to the show, just click on the title!

5. The Roy Rogers Show

4. Superman

3. Flash Gordon

2. Tarzan

1. The Shadow.

My suggestion: This holiday season, take a break from the hustle and bustle. Turn off the TV, find a quiet place, and fire up one of these classic radio shows. This might just be the cure for the holiday stress and seasonal blues you may be dealing with.

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