It's not to early to start thinking about the next President of the United States, and a new country song wants you to consider Hillary Clinton.

I can't decide if I think it's a bad country song or just a bad idea. Supporters of Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential bid thinks it's a fantastic idea.

The song is called "Stand with Hillary" and it was commissioned by a Democratic political action committee to get potential voters excited to vote for Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States.

Some of the lyrics in the song as referring to Mrs. Clinton:

 “Now it’s 2016, and this time I’m a thinkin’ guys, put your boots on and let’s smash this ceiling,”


 “I’ve been thinking about one great lady, like the women in my life. She’s a mother, a daughter, and through it all, she’s a loving wife.”

I feel bad for the aspiring country singer that had to sing this song. It's not awesome on any level. Even the video is a bit cheesy and contrived.

Maybe you disagree and this is just the thing that makes you wanna vote for the very first female President of the United States.

Maybe not.

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