A vehicle belonging to a team prepping for the zombie apocalypse has been spotted in Grand Junction, Colorado. Is there something going on in Grand Junction we need to know about?

The Zombie Outbreak Response Team, or Z.O.R.T., was spotted earlier today, Tuesday, November 1, 2022, off Highway 6 & 50.

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What Is Z.O.R.T. and Have You Seen Them Lately?

The Zombie Outbreak Response Team is a group made of 50 units operating around the world. According to uszort.com, "We are everyday people. we are mothers AND fathers, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles. we are doctors, sanitation workers, police officers, military service personnel, postal workers, and school teachers. we are preppers and survivalists preparing for all worst-case scenarios and S.H.T.F. situations."

I'm Afraid To Ask, But What's an 'S.H.T.F Situation'?

S.H.T.F. stands for... exactly what you think it stands for. According to dictionary.com:

Any responsible person tries to be ready in case of emergency, but only a true prepper is ready for when SHTF.  At the very least, they’ve probably got a six-month stockpile of canned beans.

Zombie Outbreak Response Team Mission Statement

Looking at their mission statement, their goal is to help people survive almost any situation home defense, community watch, natural disaster response, as well as wilderness and urban survival and prepping.

In addition, their mission statement mentions the group's willingness to sponsor community events such as picnics, dinners, parties, charity events, dances, and other fundraisers.

Where Were They Spotted In Grand Junction?

Were the members of Z.O.R.T. hanging out at the shooting range? How about the Army surplus store? Perhaps one of the various local law enforcement agencies?

It just so happens they were spotted earlier today at Chipotle on Highway 6 & 50 and 25 Road in Grand Junction.

Zombie Outbreak Response Team 3
Waylon Jordan

How To Become a Member of Z.O.R.T.

There are two levels of membership with the Zombie Outbreak Response Team. Both levels will get you the t-shirt, membership card, and certificate.

What Happens When You Call 1-800-FOR-ZORT?

Well, you end up getting a recorded message from Jessica at the Emergency Medical Line.

Zombie Outbreak Response Team 4
Waylon Jordan

Where Did This Car Come From?

You'll see in one photo the logo says "Delta 1." After a quick search, it seems the Delta 1 unit of Z.O.R.T. is a group patrolling between Saint Charles and Saint Louis, Missouri.

Zombie Outbreak Response Team 2
Waylon Jordan

No Cause For Alarm

It seems unlikely Grand Junction is faced with any kind of Zombie threat at this particular moment. Judging by the lack of activity on their website and Facebook pages, it appears as if the group has been inactive for a few years.

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