There's a fun project underway, with all the work and proceeds going to Western Colorado police, firefighters, and EMTs. Your skills have been requested.

The projects are already under construction, and your skills and talent are needed. Quilters from all over Western Colorado are joining forces to make a number of quilts, with the proceeds from the construction, along with donations and the eventual sale of the quilts, going to area first responders.

There are three quilts currently in progress, with the possibility of more. Each quilt has a unique pattern, with imagery reflecting the various agencies. Personally, I had no idea materials such as these existed.

Waylon Jordan

If you would like to participate, make your way to Quilters Inspiration at 200 W. Grand Avenue in Grand Junction. For $5 you can purchase a kit with the fabrics needed to build a "square." Your square(s) will be combined with those from other participants to complete the quilt.

Waylon Jordan

Next month (October 2020), the quilts will be raffled, with the proceeds going to Western Colorado police, firefighters, and EMTs. The $5 cost of the squares will also go to the agencies. I spoke with the owner of Quilters Inspiration, and she verified the full $5 from each square will go to the recipients. The owner of the business is eating the cost of the materials.

Waylon Jordan

What if you're not experienced when it comes to sewing? That's okay. The store has someone available to assist. The photo above is an example of the kit for the Police quilt. This is by far the most simple of the squares. For the person lacking experience with sewing, you might want to pursue this option.

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What if you don't have the tools to sew your square? The store has a sewing room you are welcome to use, assuming there is no class in session.

Waylon Jordan

This event officially kicked off today, Friday, September 11. Prior to the official kickoff, quilt-making enthusiasts got the word, and presale on the squares has been fantastic. Squares can be purchased through the end of September 2020.

When all of the squares have been collected, the crew at the store will complete the quilts, and have them ready to go by mid-October. A raffle will be held, with winners for each quilt. In addition, anyone who contributes a square will be in the running to win a very cool prize basket.

Waylon Jordan

This sounds like a bunch of fun. I haven't sewed anything since Mrs. Crocker's home-ec class back in 1982. I might have to sit this one out. You, on the other hand, will probably be great at this.

This fundraising effort is as non-profit as it gets. The owners of the store have gone to great lengths to make this as smooth an event as I've ever seen. There's still time, but not a lot. Show your support to Western Colorado police, EMTs, and firefighters with this awesome project. The final products will be heirlooms to be cherished forever. Join in the effort, and be certain to participate in the ultimate raffle.

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