There is more than one way to tell when you are in small-town Colorado, but this may be the number one way to know for sure.

The town's singular stop light on Main Street would be a sure-fire giveaway that you are in a small town. If somehow you NEED to ask for directions, THE stop light is always the main reference point.

Some other clues that you may be in a small Colorado town.

The local theater has a single screen and the movie that's playing was released a month ago.

  • There are no parking meters on Main Street. You can actually park for free, and you can always find an empty space.
  • You happen to be in town for the annual parade and you can see the front and the back of the parade without turning your head.
Akron, Colorado Main Street
Zane Mathews

But, the number one way to know you are in a small town is when the middle of Main Street is lined with parking spots. As you will notice in the photo above taken in the town of Akron where I lived from age 3 to age 10. Akron is about 110 miles northeast of Denver.

According to the latest census, the population of Akron is 1702, if nobody is away on vacation. While some things have changed, the town doesn't look dramatically different than it did 40+ years ago. Although, they did build a very nice new school in 2012.

The town actually does have a website which boasts of "clean air, good water, friendly people, and a large number of independently owned businesses providing goods and services with an old-fashioned smile and community pride."

If you enjoy a slow, relaxed pace, Akron may be the best place for you. You can see what it's like to park in the middle of the street, and you'll know for sure you are in a small Colorado town.

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