Think you're a true Coloradan? Then you should be able to ace pronouncing these Colorado names.

Towns and places around Colorado take their names from many different languages. Spanish, Native American, Roman, Greek and more show up in different place names, but that doesn't mean Coloradans follow the correct pronunciation.

Here are 8 that truly stump out of towners.

Buena Vista

Contrary to popular belief, it's not BWAH-NUH VEE-STAH. Locals added their own flavor and pronounce it BYOO-NUH VIS-TUH.

Cache la Poudre

Coloradans correctly pronounce Cache (cash), but failed to keep the French pronunciation of Poudre (POWD-rah) and "dirtied" it up by saying POO-der.


Named after a Ute Indian chief, Ouray stumps everyone. Sometimes you hear Oh-Ray, OO-Ray and YOU-Ray. Coloradans know it's really YER-Ray.


This Native American word gets butchered more than not. There's no easy way to explain this strange word, but it's pronounced PEE-Ants.


Spanish for exit, the proper pronunciation is Sa-lee-duh. In Colorado, it's Suh-LIE-duh.


Think this is pronounced like the state of Florida (Flor-i-duh), it's not. Colorado kept the Spanish pronunciation with Fluh-REE-duh.


Hopefully, this one doesn't induce hunger because it's not pronounced "deli". In Colorado, we make sure you hear the "H" and say Dell-HI with a long "I" sound.


So many ways to say it, it all depends on the person you're talking to. Sometimes you hear, Call-uh-RAD-oh, or maybe call-uh-ROD-o.

How did you do? Do you say these things the Colorado way?

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