These are the eight best towns in Colorado and here's why they're the best. We've created our own list of towns that Colorado is in love with. These are the eight best towns around and this is why people love them so much.

We received a few suggestions of great towns in Colorado and a few suggestions of non-Colorado places to keep the transplants (Californians and Texans) out of the state. There were suggestions like 'I hear North Datoka is nice' and 'Salt Lake City for sure.'


Of course, Grand Junction is on the list of Colorado's best towns. We've got some of the most beautiful scenery around with endless fishing, hiking, and biking. Grand Junction has wine, peaches, and a great community.


Rangley is one of Colorado best towns because it's quiet, everyone knows everyone and is a great place to raise your kids. There's rock climbing, lakes, farms, ranches and lots of outdoor activities. In Rangely, you even ride your four wheelers around town.


Another one of the best towns in Colorado is Hotkiss. Hotchkiss is in Delta County and is known as 'the friendliest town around.' This town is in the North Fork Valley and has some of the best fly fishing around and vineyards and orchards too.


Ouray is one of Colorado's best towns around because it's absolutely gorgeous. Ouray is known as the 'little Switzerland of America.' There's ice climbing, hiking, hot springs and had there were 30 working mines at one time.


Telluride is only 10 miles away from Ouray, but you have to drive 50 miles to get there. Telluride is on the best towns of Colorado list because it literally looks like a postcard, where you can hit the slopes or hit the waterfalls. Telluride has lots of festivals and outdoor activities to offer and just the drive alone is gorgeous.


The next best town in Colorado is Gunnison. Gunnison is the home of the incredible Black Canyon of the Gunnison, which only receives 33 minutes of sunlight per day. There's a whitewater park, lots of trails to hike and bike and has that Old West vibe.


Another one of Colorado's best towns is the San Luis Valley, which technically encompasses more than one town, like Pagosa and Creede. The San Luis Valley has rafting, fly fishing and paddle boarding to offer. The Great Sand Dunes National Park is nearby along with the Shrine of the Stations of the Cross.

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