Shouldn't we all be proud of the Colorado towns we live in? But, what if your town's name sounds a little 'dirty?' 

Sometimes I wonder if people really think things through. Especially when it comes to permanently naming things, such as towns and cities. There are a few here in Colorado that make you wonder what was going through the minds of those people. Or, it could just be my childishness coming out.

The website has compiled a state by state list of the lewdest sounding cities and towns. Here is what they have for Colorado:

  • Atwood
  • Woody Creek
  • Johnson Village
  • Lay
  • Lubers
  • Slagger
  • Wetmore
  • Hotchkiss
  • Deloes (thank you, Seinfeld!)
  • Beaver Creek

To be honest, those are extremely tame compared to some other cities and towns in other states. Since these are ACTUAL names of places, I don't feel bad or ashamed about listing some of the 'better' ones:

  • Knob Lick, KY
  • Blue Ball, AR
  • Climax, MI
  • Intercourse, PA
  • Virgin, UT

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