There are three Colorado locations, however the closest is in Sheridan. It is time for Grand Junction to bring a Steak 'n Shake to town. 

This idea was spurred on by Waylon's post on In & Out Burger. Plus, a dream I had the other night. No offense to that franchise, but in my opinion, Steak 'n Shake is more my jam. Don't get me wrong, if an In & Out Burger opened up here in Junction I would be first in line (actually, I would probably be second right behind Waylon.)

Yes, I do realize that Grand Junction has A LOT of restaurant choices. To be honest, I am surprised that this market can sustain all of these places. So, maybe an additional option isn't the right plan, but if I could, I would put a Steak 'n Shake here. If not for my own selfish, hungry reasons.

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