Guitarists around the world have drooled over the idea of making their guitars look just like Waylon Jennings' leather covered Telecaster, and now that drool can become a reality.Waylon's iconic guitars included a 1953 Fender Telecaster, a used guitar given to him by the Waylors. It was his bandmates who adorned his guitar with a distinctive leather cover black background and white floral work. Jennings further customized the guitar by filing down the frets to give it that distinctive "Waylon" sound.

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For those wishing to get a replica of the leather Telecaster cover, they are now available from a handful of manufacturers. Mosby Guitars offers a replica, complete with installation, for the low, low cost of $2,500.

Guitrars N' Things in Nashville offers a wide variety of "Waylon-esque" leather guitar covers, in an assortment of colors and designs.

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Of course, Fender did release the Waylon Jennings Tribute Telecaster, based on Waylon's floral patterned '63 Tele. The tribute model featured a bound ash body with "white rose" inlay, Scruggs tuner on the low "E" string, a "slim profile" maple neck with flying "W" 12th fret inlay, 2 Texas-Tele pickups, and American Standard Tele bridge. Reviews for the tribute model didn't actually set the world on fire.

If you want the Waylon look, but with your personal sound and playability, you may pursue the option of a leather cover for your own Telecaster.