Record Store Day is a bi-annual holiday in which special music releases become available in record stores across the country and the first of two of these days in 2022 saw record-breaking numbers in attendance in Grand Junction.

Record Store Day in Grand Junction

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The first Record Store Day of the year took place this past Saturday, April 23rd at Triple Play Records in downtown Grand Junction which is the city's go-to record shop located at 530 Main Street right next to the Mesa Theater.

The festivities began on Saturday at 10 a.m. and continued through 7 p.m. with droves of eager music fans in attendance.

In fact, it was reported that Triple Play Records saw record-breaking numbers in attendance at the first of this year's Record Store Days which brought on a breath of fresh air after the previous two years being affected by COVID-19 restrictions.

Grand Junction Celebrated More than Just Shopping

While the main focus of record store day is giving music lovers the opportunity to get their hands on exclusive vinyl records and limited releases, Triple Play Records also celebrated by hosting live music and opening up the entire shop to attendees, not just the special Record Store Day merchandise.

Grand Junction's Music Shop Does More than Just Records

If you're not familiar, Triple Play Records is not just Grand Junction's go-to record shop, but they also offer things like apparel, incense, artwork, and a section dedicated entirely to frisbee golf.

The Next Record Store Day in Grand Junction

As mentioned earlier, Record Store Day does not just land on a Saturday in April each year, but also has a second date each year close to Thanksgiving and Black Friday, a Record Store Day celebration that Triple Play Records also participates in.

Record Store Day in Grand Junction Saw Record Breaking Attendance

Record Store Day is a special day for the music community with two days per year and 2022 saw record-breaking attendance in Grand Junction.

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