It's no secret that life isn't always all sunshine and rainbows, and sometimes it feels good to vent about it. Like anywhere else, Grand Junction isn't without its problems and there are plenty of things that bother us on a daily basis.

Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking what some of the things are that have been ticking you off lately, and, as I predicted, you delivered.

People in Grand Junction that Are Ticking You Off

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Many of the responses as to what has been ticking you off lately were related to actual people and things that they have been doing. Some of these responses included customer service employees, coworkers, bad drivers, and middle schoolers.

Businesses and Other Entities in Grand Junction Ticking You Off

Other things mentioned that were ticking you off lately were more business and other non-human entities such as health insurance companies, fast food restaurants, and essentially just how expensive, like, everything is lately.

Mother Nature Ticking off Grand Junction Lately

One thing that I think irked a lot of us in recent memory was the surprise snowstorm that reared its ugly head last week. I get it, it's springtime, it's supposed to be nice but mother nature decided to have a hissy fit and cover everything in snow all of the sudden. Understandable, that's one of the things that ticked off Heather here in Grand Junction recently.

Other Things Ticking You Off in Grand Junction Lately

As always, there were a few funny responses to my question. In addition to the snowstorm, Heather jokingly said that "your mom" has been ticking her off, and Brian sarcastically complained that he is ticked off by having too much money.

Things That Have Been ‘Ticking Off’ Grand Junction Lately

According to you, these are the things that have been ticking you off the most lately.

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