Sure, everyone's got a story about being chased by a dog. In fact, many people probably run around and play with their dogs regularly. However, it's not every day that you get chased by another type of animal and when something like that does happen, it's usually not the most pleasant experience in the world.

Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking Grand Junction residents what non-dog animal they've been chased by in their lives, and, as always, the responses did not disappoint.

Farm Animals Grand Junction Has Been Chased By

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If you spend enough time on a farm, chances are that you'll eventually have some good (or not-so-good) stories to go along with it, and, consequently, a lot of the responses to my question were stories of people being chased by animals that live on farms.

Some of these animals included goats, cows, roosters, geese, horses, turkeys, sheep and rabbits.

Wild Animals Grand Junction Has Been Chased By

In addition to farm animals, many of the animals Grand Junction residents have been chased by have been much scarier experiences with wild animals. Some of these animals include things like elk, bears, a lion, moose, crows, and hornets, to name a few.

Grand Junction Dinosaurs?

Oddly and hilariously, a couple of people responded to my question by saying that they have been chased by dinosaurs. Brian, always the comedian, said that he was once chased by a pterodactyl, while Brandon's story was a bit more specific.

This particular scenario involved a t-rex, an island in Central America, and a jeep...which sounds a lot like an early '90s movie plot but what do I know?

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