I know this might sound ridiculous, and I thought it was a joke at first too. But no, there is someone (another couple) who is actually offering to purchase the Instagram handle that my wife and I both use to keep up with friends and family. Our Instagram handle is @the.jenkins and it's for both Savannah and me to keep up with our families, but there is a couple that is now living out of their van and "gaining traction" on social media with over 3,000 followers and is wondering if they can buy @the.jenkins on Instagram.

I don't know a lot about this couple or their adventures but their current handle is @the.jenkins_vanlife and in a message we received last week it said they want to make it as simple for people to find them and their content as possible (which makes sense). But I know this is so they can make a profit from building a social following and creating content. So, should we sell the Instagram handle, keep it, or just give it to them?

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Savannah Doesn't Care Either Way

Savannah would be fine if we gave them the Instagram handle while I see this as a way to make money. I know it might sound bad, but they want something we have and they want to use it to make money so I feel like they can pay for it. But I really don't know what a fair amount would be.

Tips to Sell Your Instagram Handle

There are many safe sites that are now set up for you to sell your Instagram handle such as Social Tradia or Fameswap to sell your handle if you don't trust the person attempting to purchase your handle. Be safe you don't want to lose your social media accounts and have information hacked.

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