Women who have had breast implants in Colorado and nationwide are now reporting those implants are making them sick.

Over 80,000 women have discussed on a social media page how they've gotten ill years after receiving the implants.Kit Thompson, who founded the group was herself a recipient of implants as a result of a double mastectomy. She describes her symp[toms as;

“Chronic fatigue, headache, dull pain, just all over, sharp pains in my chest a lot of that scar tissues pulling.

Medical professionals, however, state there is very little research and no diagnosis, and as Dr. Nancy Wong, a reconstructive and plastic surgeon at UC Health stated, information that is gathered has been inconclusive;

“They’ve done studies where they ask women with breast implants whether they have these symptoms or not, then they ask women who don’t have implants whether they have these symptoms or not, the same percentage reply positive.

The FDA met in March to discuss the issue and look into possible action, but none was taken at the time.

Medical professionals are keeping watch on the issue, as well as the FDA.

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