As a result of the farm bill signed by President Trump, more and more farms are adding hemp to their list of growing projects.

Hemp, as defined by is ...a tall, coarse plant, from which rope and other industrial uses come. Additionally, marijuana, CBD, and other uses come from the hemp plant. But the hemp being grown in Western Colorado is being grown for industrial purposes.

In 2014 there were 1,811 acres of hemp planted. Current numbers show there are now 31,760 acres planted in Colorado with more on the way, thanks to the farm bill.

CBD, or cannabidiol has become increasingly popular as well, but its legal status is still in question in Colorado and other states. CBD, while having no psychoactive properties is still under the auspices of the FDA, who warn against making statements about the oil's medicinal properties without further study. The FDA, however, has approved  Epidiolex for use with seizures. Epidiolex is derived from the hemp plant.

Uses for hemp are not limited to the oil the plant produces, but could have industrial uses such as plastics, rope and as a food additive.

With all of the possibilities for hemp's usage, it's no wonder forward-thinking Western Slope farmers are planting it.

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