Ski season is close at hand. Some Colorado ski resorts are just about to open for the season. There's one problem: there may not be enough employees to fill the open job positions.

Have you ever thought about working at a Colorado ski resort? Here are 22 solid reasons why you should give it some thought.

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Employees are In Short Supply

According to, excitement over the upcoming season is paired with concern there might not be enough employees for a full capacity ski season.

It seems ski resorts are in the same boat as other industries across America. Sam Bass, the marketing director for Eldora said, "Just like every business and every industry across America, the ski industry is looking really hard to find employees to hire, and we're no exception.”

Did You Ever Think You'd See a Ski Resort Host a Job Fair?

Ski towns are joining forces to try and recruit new help. According to, just yesterday, Thursday, October 14, 113 companies in the industry hosted virtual job fairs.

Why Should You Consider Working at a Colorado Ski Resort?

Are you interested in seasonal work? Would one normally find you on the slopes anyway? If winter, skiing, or the hospitality industry are of any interest to you, this might be just what you're looking for. Keep in mind, there are other hemispheres on this planet. Once ski season comes and goes in Colorado, why not pack up and move halfway around the world and spend the "summer" working on the slopes?

Here are 22 reasons why you might want to pursue one of the many opportunities available now at Colorado area ski slopes. Special thanks to a handful of sites like and for the suggestions.

Reasons to Get a Job at a Colorado Ski Resort

Colorado ski slopes are in desperate need of employees. Have you ever thought of working at a Colorado ski resort?

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