Are you dreading the thought of your favorite Colorado ski area closing down for the season? Don't worry, you have plenty of time.

Would you believe that one Colorado ski slope anticipates remaining open into June 2024? Here's a look at the projected closing dates for some of your favorite Colorado ski slopes for the year 2024.

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Colorado Ski Slopes Operating at 100%

As of Tuesday, February 13, 2024, several of your favorite Colorado ski areas are operating with all of their trails open. Howelsen Hill is operating with 17 out of 17 trails open, while Sunlight Mountain Resort offers 74 out of 74 trails, with a base of 36 to 38 inches of powder. Keystone is having an amazing season with 140 out of 140 trails open, and Vail is currently (Feb 13, 2024) offering 275 out of 275 trails with 57 inches of machine-groomed snow.

Where Did This Info Come From?

These dates come courtesy of On The Snow. The site states, "All projected closing dates are subject to change at each resort's discretion depending on the snow conditions and other factors."

Almost all dates provided here were updated during the early hours of Tuesday, February 13, 2024.

How Do They Determine The Dates?

How precisely do these sites compile the data regarding ski area closing dates? Out There Colorado reports, "These dates are based on best available data, including social media announcements, press releases, and lift ticket offerings." They add, "Before planning a trip, check with the resort website to see if their season has been shortened or extended."

Now Is The Time to Plan

How long will it be before your favorite Colorado resort closes for the 2024 Spring season? Well, several resorts, including Powderhorn, Telluride, and Wolf Creek, anticipate closing on April 7, 2024. Given today's date of February 13, 2024, those resorts will be closing in exactly 54 days. Considering many can only get away on the weekends, that leaves you with only 16 or so potential ski dates.

Don't let the 2023/2024 ski season pass you by without getting in a few trips. Although it appears most slopes in Colorado have a strong season still ahead, time sometimes manages to get away from us.

Colorado Ski Resorts' Projected Closing Dates For 2024

If you love to ski, you'll be pleased to know that most of your favorite Colorado ski resorts and slopes will be open well into 2024. One Colorado ski area is expecting to stay open up to June 2, 2024. Imagine that - skiing in June.

Here's a look at the projected 2024 closing dates for several Colorado slopes, as reported by On The Snow. These dates were posted on the morning of February 13, 2024. Please keep in mind, these are projections, and could change on a dime.

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