Looking to take your earnings to the next level by making a career change? Well according to Indeed.com's career guide, several companies in Colorado are hiring for some of the best-paying jobs in the nation that are right here in the Centennial State.

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Keep reading to check out the top twenty best-paying jobs in the state of Colorado according to Indeed in the gallery below.

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Colorado's Top 100 Highest Paying Jobs

Indeed.com's list of the top-paying jobs includes 100 different career options. Some of the surprises near the bottom of the list include Pharmacists, Cloud Security Engineers, Robotics Engineers, Optometrists, and Nurse Practitioners. These jobs all require degrees and advanced training yet are on the lower end of the top 100 best-paying career fields in Colorado. Which careers are in the middle of the list?

Middle Of The Pack

Chemists, Radiation Therapists, Hospice Nurses, Mathematicians, Microbiologists, Art Directors, Speech-language Pathologists, Recreation Managers, and Public Relations are all careers ranked as part of the list of the highest-paying jobs in Colorado. They are not the highest of the high, but they are not at the bottom of the list either.

The Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs

Colorado's best-paying jobs available in 2024 feature an income between $60,000 and $370,000 per year. Check out the top 20 in the gallery below. See the national average salary for each position and find out more about what each profession does every day.

20 of the Highest Paying Jobs in Colorado in 2024

We're taking a look at twenty of the highest-paying jobs in the Centennial State in 2024 according to Indeed.com. If you want to move to a career that pays better than your current one, the jobs below are the ones to look into.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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