If an out-of-towner or transplant were to move to Colorado and hang out with the locals, they might find some of the words and phrases we use to be puzzling.

This especially applies to people that live in ski towns, as the lingo is quite unique.

I grew up in Eagle, Colorado, and spent a lot of time in places like Vail and Beaver Creek growing up, which are classic ski towns, and I've realized over the years that some of the common phrases in these very Colorado-esque places might be confusing to some that are not from the area.

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A lot of the phrases used by skiers and snowboarders is probably quite unfamiliar to someone from, say, Mississippi, and I can't help but wonder how many people that are not from our state know what Rocky Mountain Oysters are.

Here are some phrases common to Coloradans that may not be so common to those who are not from here:

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