Jared Leto is taking Mars Across America for the release of the new Thirty Seconds to Mars album. Will Jared Leto make another stop here in Grand Junction?

The new album by Thirty Seconds to Mars 'America,' will be released on Friday, April 6. This calls for a cross-country journey for the band aka 'Mars Across America' and I'm not complaining.

Jared Leto isn't exactly touring in the traditional sense. As of yesterday (April 2) he's left New York City and is making his way to Los Angeles -- by any and all means necessary.

Jared Leto will bike, run, hitchhike and get a Lyft to get across America. Which means Grand Junction is right along his path to Los Angeles. It wouldn't be Jared Leto's first time in Grand Junction either.

Thirty Seconds to Mars stopped in Grand Junction to grab a bite to eat at Bin 707 a few years ago. Well, not exactly. Their plane had to make an emergency landing in Grand Junction while traveling on tour in 2014. Then they went and discovered Bin 707 and Jared Leto raved about it:

Anyway, on another thing, we got the best food you could ever imagine.

I like Jared Leto even more because of his good taste in food. Will Jared Leto make another stop in Grand Junction during Mars Across America? If he does, I'm sure he wouldn't mind going to Bin 707 again. And I wouldn't mind going with him. Just let me know Jared Leto and I'll get you a Bin burger and send you on your way to LA.

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