Celebrate 'National Make Lunch Count Day' at Grand Junction's favorites!

In case you're wondering, "Is there a day for everything?" I believe the answer is "yes" and Saturday, April 13th is another one of those days. This time it's National Make Lunch Count Day.'

Legend has it that TGI Friday's started this day in an effort to combat a little a known syndrome called “FOLO”, it's the “Fear of Lunching Out” anxiety. I'd not heard of it either. Word is that most workers eat lunch at their desk at least twice a week. It's said that close to one-third of us eat lunch at their desk every day of the week! I try and step away from the radio stations for a half-hour or so each day to get a break, eat a bite, and gather my thoughts in preparation for the second half of my day. "FOLO" is here to remind us that eating out for lunch is okay, even on a workday, and that we shouldn't live in fear any longer!

The fact that this year 'National Make Lunch Count Day' is on a Saturday should make it easier to celebrate. Where to go? Here is Grand Junction's "Best Lunch" according to Yelp!

Bin 707 Foodbar- This downtown Grand Junction place is a favorite and at the top of nearly every "Best' list around. Everything on their menu is made from scratch, with the exception of some charcuterie and artisan cheeses. Their mission is that every meal enjoyed at Bin will be freshest, highest-quality, and locally sourced.

Cafe Sol- One of the few top places in town I've not had the opportunity to visit yet. Their goal is " ...to serve fresh, wholesome foods to customers who are searching for something unique." Some of their lunch specialties include soups, salads, and sandwiches.

Spoons Bistro & Bakery- Located at 3090 North 12th in Grand Junction, Spoons is another place I've yet to make it too. I've heard great things! Spoons idea of perfection is simple to serve..." fresh, local, from the heart. Our food not only boasts local flavor but also handmade quality."

Tacoparty- This fairly new downtown taco joint is gaining popularity. It's easy to see, or should I say "taste" why it's really good! They say it best themselves... "At Taco Party we embrace a departure from tradition in an effort to celebrate our state's heritage and all of its amazing resources."

The Goat and Clover Tavern- I was just there this past weekend! Good food and good times on Main street downtown. "The Goat" celebrates the British and Irish inspired food and drinks in a special way. A great place for lunch!

When considering where to go for lunch consider supporting locally owned establishments. That would make "National Make Lunch Count Day" even more special.

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