These are the top ten best restaurants to grab lunch in Grand Junction, according to you. You nominated them and voted for them, crowning them the tantalizing ten.

Since we have so many restaurants in Grand Junction, I asked you to pick the best of the best. You voted for the best place to grab lunch in Grand Junction and now we've got ten tasty spots to choose from.

It's lunchtime (lunch is good anytime, just sayin') and these are tantalizing ten, they're Grand Junction's best restaurants for lunch. Let's start with number ten.

  • 10

    Fiesta Guadalajara

    Fiesta Guadalajara is Grand Junction's 10th best place to grab some lunch. There's one location off of North Avenue and 7th and one location in Fruita of off W McCune Avenue and S Mesa Street.

  • 9

    Nepal Restaurant

    Nepal Restaurant is off of 4th and Main in Downtown Grand Junction. It's our 9th best restaurant around and I'd make sure to order some naan with your food.

  • 8


    Spoons Bistro & Bakery is right off of 12th Street and is #8 out of Grand Junction's tantalizing ten. I highly recommend sitting on their patio when you do grab some lunch here.

  • 7

    Taco Party

    Taco Party is one of Grand Junction's tantalizing ten, #7 to be specific. Taco Party is off 5th Street in Downtown Grand Junction and has the craziest tacos ever.

  • 6

    Goat + Clover

    The Goat and Clover Tavern is all UK, all day, it's located off of Main Street near 4th. This is Grand Junction's sixth favorite place to grab some lunch.

  • 5

    Bin 707

    Bin 707 is pretty much famous for their Bin burger. Bin 707 is Grand Junction's fifth favorite place for lunch and are right off of 5th Street.

  • 4

    Old Man Grill

    This is #4 of the tantalizing ten, it's OMG -- Old Man Grill. Old Man Grill is off of North Avenue near 7th. When my dad was here visiting, I just had to take my old man to Old Man Grill.

  • 3


    Munchies is off of Kokopelli Drive in Fruita and is Grand Junction's third favorite place when it comes to lunch.

  • 2

    Cafe Sol

    Grand Junction second favorite restaurant to grab lunch is Cafe Sol. Cafe Sol on Main Street near 4th and has lots of healthy and also delicious food.

  • 1


    Your number one favorite place to grab lunch in Grand Junction is McAlister's. McAlister is off of Patterson and is a place I'm quite familiar with. I can't count how many times I went there during college. After you nominated and voted for your restaurants, McAlister's is Grand Junction's best place for lunch.

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