The Grand Junction Spotlight this week is on the head chef and owner of Bin 707 and Taco Party in Grand Junction. It's all about Colorado cuisine and spreading the local love.

Josh Niernberg and his wife started Bin 707 in 2011 and Taco Party last year. I've eaten at both restaurants and was not disappointed. I wanted to bring Josh in and talk to him about the amazing things he's doing in our community and to congratulate him. Josh has been named one of the Denver FIVE.

Josh is the first chef of the Denver FIVE that is from Western Colorado and not the Front Range. It's a pretty big deal and Josh is pumped to showcase Western Colorado cuisine. During the Denver FIVE, he will host a dinner here in Grand Junction which he's calling 'Feast in the Field' on July 15th.

Farm to table is what Josh is all about. He wants to spread that local love. Josh uses local ingredients for literally everything. Even down to the tortillas and beers and all drinks at his restaurants. That drink you're drinking at Bin 707 or Taco Party, that's from Colorado.

I constantly see pictures of Josh's family on his Instagram and they are just absolutely adorable. He told me his three-year-old son, Simon, is the boss and there's not question for it. He's the boss, the inspiration and the driving factor.

Not only did Josh come hang out with us, he also brought us tacos. They're pictured above and sorry, but you're going to have to get your own at Taco Party.

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