Oscar Award winner and 30 Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto had to make an emergency landing in Grand Junction and found what he says was the best restaurant ever.

The most amazing food ever.

During a podcast for the Nerdist, posted on March 17, with Chris Hardwick, Jared Leto described his near-death experience while touring with 30 Seconds to Mars when his plane had make an emergency landing in Grand Junction.

When Hardwick asked Leto what happened, he stated he probably shouldn't talk about it, going on to say:

It was brutal and weird and intense and yeah. We just had a really dangerous thing happen.

Thankfully, nothing happened to Leto and his crew, but they did find a gem in the Grand Valley -- Bin 707.

Jared went on about Bin 707 stating:

Anyway, on another thing, we got the best food you could ever imagine.

After his raving review of Bin 707, Leto and Hartwick discuss his latest movie Dallas Buyers Club -- congrats on the Oscar.

I'm one to agree with Jared, I've dined at Bin a few times and truly love their food. Thanks for the rad review Jared!


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