Countless songs have been written about lost love, but none quite so touching as a tune penned by Fred Stobaugh.

Shortly after his wife of 73 years passed away, Stobaugh, 96, wrote a song in her honor called 'Sweet Lorraine.'

Stobaugh lacks musical ability, so he decided to enter an online singer-songwriter contest after seeing an ad in the newspaper (yes, we know, it's ironic). Being unfamiliar with the technological marvel known as email, Stobaugh fired off his lyrics and a letter explaining his story.

The folks at Illinois' Green Shoe Studio, which ran the competition, were blown away by Stobaugh, so they decided to produce an actual song (available on iTunes) for him and recorded everything for a short film called 'A Letter from Fred.' The result is a moving look at the timeless power of love and the pain of loss.

In this age when so much music is focused on Miley Cyrus and her twerking antics, we say Fred is a breath of fresh air.

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