Are we all happy with what the official Colorado State song is? You do know what it is, right?

Do you know what the official Colorado State song is? There could be several different answers.

There are no plans to change or modify what Colorado has now for a state song, but are there other options that need to be or could be looked at? Or listened to?

Over 100 years ago, Colorado lawmakers submitted that a tune called  'Where the Columbines Grow' will be stamped as the official song of the great state of Colorado. You do know the words, right? Well, then let's sing it together. And a one and a two....yeah, I don't it know it either.

In 2007, Colorado added the hauntingly beautiful 'Rocky Mountain High' by John Denver. It just hit me that 'Denver' was his last name. Funny. It is now known as the second official state song.

But, since it's always fun to shake things up and dream a little bit, we are asking for your thoughts. Not that we need to, but if the state of Colorado were to ask you what YOU think the state song should be, what would you say?

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