I'm not sure why your asking this question, but we found a website that (probably) has the answer!

37 years ago I went to a party with my dad and left with my mom. Ever wonder what track was playing while your mom and dad were making out?

Here's your answer!

The site Porktrack has a nifty little calendar that lets you choose the date of your birth to supply you with the song that was (maybe) playing when you were conceived.

The sad thing is it wont work if you were born before 1960, but I don't know of too many 54 year olds that would want to know.

So what song were you (possibly) conceived to?

After entering my info I was told that "Brand New Key" by Melanie was the tune that made me more than a glimmer in my daddy's eye!

Strange thing is my birth mom's name was Melanie!

Waylon Jordan our afternoon guy was (probably) conceived to the somewhat creepy tune "In The Year 2525" by Zager & Evans. Which is kinda coincidental since Waylon is a HUGE Star Trek fan and that's about the future too! I'm reaching, but it makes you wonder.

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