Let's take a look back at what was all over our video screens last year.
Admit it, you've probably watched your fair share of these numerous times. 
Whether it was the Wedding Toast, Taking a Trip to IKEA, the Puppy or how can we forget the 10 Pound Baby Delivered in a CarThese videos made us laugh, cry and think.
I,(Riley), can relate to the poor girl who ruined her proposal. I did not ruin mine, but I accidentally made it difficult for Nick in many areas because I ask a lot of questions and am not good with surprises. I have that tendency in life. I ruin many surprises on accident. I am just glad Nick pulled off the proposal without it ending like the girl in the viral YouTube video.
As for me, Keyes, I have to go with the 'Ball Pit' and 'To Be An Adult' videos were my favorites. Practical jokes are always fun, as long as they don't hurt anyone. Myself included.
So, let's wait and (literally) see what 2016 has in store for viral videos.