A Colorado high school student ate a a tide pod as part of the 'Tide Pod Challenge.' The Thunder Ridge High School student bite a of the tide pod on Friday.

The student is in good health, according to the Denver Post, and was treated by the school nurse after the ingestion. The Tide Pod was brought to school by another student.

The 'Tide Pod Challenge' is a viral challenge that has been sweeping across social media. YouTube has even taken videos down of people taking part in the challenge. The 'Tide Pod Challenge' is dangerous and isn't anything anyone should take part in.

According to the Denver Post, ingesting Tide Pods can:

Cause serious damage, like burns to the mouth, lips and esophagus.

Thankfully, the student is okay. It really makes you wonder how the 'Tide Pod Challenge' started and why? Doing something for social media that's detrimental to your health is not cool, and just not smart.

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