You may have seen me-Mackenzie Dodge driving around town in my Girl Scout uniform this weekend, but if you didn't here's your LAST chance!

I was honored to get a call from the Girl Scouts asking if I would wear one of their vintage uniforms for their Cocktails and Cookies Creations event at Two Rivers Winery!

  • This 3rd annual event featured some of the valley's finest chefs, which were challenged to create savory appetizers with Girl Scouts cookies. My favorite was Chef Tiffany's from Sud's Borther's Brewery. She created a Dijon crusted Mahi Mahi with Peanut sauce and Cantaloupe salsa . . . mmmmmm.

I was shocked however, to learn I am no longer as tiny as I thought I was. . .

Laugh all you want, fact is I barely got the top button of the skirt buttoned!

Good thing they were only serving appetizers or I would have popped out of the uniform before the night was over!

The funniest part of the night was after we left, as we were driving down the road the guy in the pick-up in front dropped some building materials into the street in front of and of course like a good Girl Scout I had to jump out and grab them so no one would run the stuff over!

You should have seen the looks I got then . . .

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