I upset a white listener yesterday when I mentioned that one GOOD thing about the government shutdown was that a KKK rally had been cancelled because the park they were going to meet at was closed! See what he posted on my personal Facebook page and tell me if YOU agree here!

You know me, always trying to find the good in things and yesterday I was talking about a few of the people and things affected by the government shutdown including:

  • Kids with CANCER won't be able to start clinical trials on drugs and treatment that could help them.
  • The Army, Navy and Air Force might not be able to play their football games next weekend after the Defense Department temporarily suspended sports competitions.
  • All monuments and national parks are closed.
  • But on the bright side, a KKK rally at Gettysburg was canceled because the park was closed.

One man, we'll call him M.R. Mad, was so angry about my statement that he posted this comment on my personal Facebook Page,

So you think a KKK rally being cancelled is a good thing? I sure didn't hear you say the same thing about the muslim march on DC or the MLK jr rally? What makes it a good thing for minorities to gather and rally but not for a white organization to gather and rally? This is the reason racism will never go away, right now white men are on the lower rung being shuned by society, where as it was the blacks before. I have no problem with any group that wants to gather but when one makes comments like yours there will never be an equality in US. No matter if it is aginst blacks or whites or any other race.

To be honest I was SHOCKED and explained to him that Yes in MY opinion it was a GOOD thing and that I would have said the same thing about any HATE groups meetings.

Thankfully one of our listeners Brian came to my rescue as well and told M.R. Mad that,

Mackenzie Dodge simply stated her opinion to dislike such a group as I know she would if it were a Black Panther Rally and the like. No other group was allowed to assemble or hold a rally, so it wasn't just because it was the kKK. Our forefathers probably never imagined the scope of "We The People" and "Certain Inalienable Rights"! Just because you have the right, doesn't always mean you should! (Miranda)
Peace Russel, I understand where you were coming from but it came across completely askew!

What do you think?

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