I-70 wasn't always the picturesque highway it is today. In 1973 they were just finishing sections out to Mack, Horizon Drive was in the planning stages and life was a bit slower.

Starting with the ribbon cutting at Clifton in 1963, you can see I-70 in its planning stages and its infancy. I-70 won awards for its rural design and application.

The first section to open on the Western Slope was a 12-mile section from Cameo to Clifton on October 4, 1963.

Grand Junction added its first exit at Horizon Drive on July 16, 1965. Prior to the building of I-70 through Grand Junction and into Utah, only 40,000 miles of highway existed. Once the decision was made to extend the highway through Colorado, leaders pushed for a connection between Colorado and Salt Lake City as well.

By 1967, work had begun extending the highway to Fruita and beyond.

Try and imagine traveling west now without I-70. Eternally grateful for the highways we have, making it easier to go anywhere and do anything we want!

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