Fresh on the heels of a week of flip flop weather, you may notice Western Colorado home improvement stores are receiving shipments of ice melt by the truckload. What do they know the rest of us might not?

Swing by your local home improvement store and you'll see pallet after pallet of ice melt being loaded off the trucks. Why? Most Western Colorado residents are running around in shorts and flip flops. Why do we suddenly need tons of ice melt?

Okay, so we took a bit of a beating a few weeks ago with the funky ice storm that hit the valley. It seems most of us didn't see that one coming.

Looking at the near future, it seems the National Weather Service has made the following predictions:

  • Friday = Snow
  • Saturday = Snow
  • Sunday = Snow
  • Monday = Snow

Now doubt you see a certain sameness over the next few days. The National Weather Service predicts snow and lows in the mid 20s over the next few days. Just when you though it was spring, along comes reality.

While long term forecasts put the snowfall as ending Monday night, the colder weather is expected to hit on Tuesday.

Don't be caught off guard. It looks like Western Colorado can look forward to a genuine patch of winter weather over the next few days.

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