Word to the wise - don't mess with Waffle. Should you anger Waffle the house cat, you might just get your head torn off. This bad-to-the-bone cat from Telluride has no issues with going nose to nose with a bobcat.

Waffle doesn't tolerate intruders on the porch, especially when it's a wild bobcat. Waffle don't play that.

Did the bobcat get the hint and choose to heed Waffle's warnings? That is unclear. Unfortunately, the video ends before the final bout. While somewhat anticlimactic, this battle of wits does offer some tense moments.

Following this clash of the titans, several news agencies across the country jumped in wanting to use the video. Stations in markets as far away as Seattle have asked to air the footage.

Don't worry Waffle, we won't trespass. We've heard your words of warning and figure it best just to leave you alone. Keep up the good work.

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