Telluride is known for being a picturesque ski town tucked away in the high country of western Colorado. The town sees droves of tourists visiting from out of town during ski season, and some big-name celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld and Oprah Winfrey have homes in Telluride.

However, every October a unique horror film festival comes to town which happens to be the longest-running and first-ever event of its kind to be established in the state of Colorado.

Keep scrolling to learn about The Telluride Horror Show.

History of Telluride Horror Show

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The Telluride Horror Show made its debut in 2010 and has taken place every October ever since, making this year's festival the 14th.

During the festival, a huge banner is hung in downtown Telluride and films are shown at places like the Nugget Theater which has a capacity of 165, the Palm Theater which has a capacity of 587, and the Sheridan Opera House which seats 230.

In addition to the feature films and short films that are screened in these venues, celebrity guests that have spoken at the festival have included Joe Bob Briggs, director of horror-comedy Tucker and Dale vs. Evil Eli Craig, and the managing editor of Fangoria magazine, Meredith Borders.

While this year's festival is still a ways away, we do know some of what can be expected.

The 14th Annual Telluride Horror Show is Coming

The 14th annual Telluride Horror Show will take place from October 13th through October 15th, 2023 at all of the aforementioned venues, as well as the Telluride Elks Lodge.

In addition to the film screenings, events like Creepy Campfire Tales, a pig roast, Killer Karaoke Party, and Dread Central Horror Trivia competition will also take place.

Single tickets are available for purchase for $20, with 3-day passes and 6-packs available as well at the festival's official website.


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