When you look at a map of the United States, how many states have you seen with your own eyes? Now, what about a map of the globe? Have you traveled outside the United States often?

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ArchitecturalDigest.com recently released a list of the most beautiful streets around the world. Of the 71 locations on their list, a street in Colorado was ranked the 31st most beautiful in the world and we have to agree. Keep reading to take a closer look and see for yourself.

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The World's Most Beautiful Street

World's Most Beautiful Street according to ArchitecturalDigest.com
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According to ArchitecturalDigest.com the most beautiful street in the world is in Colmar, France. While it's beautiful, I don't see much of a street in the photo. World's most beautiful canal maybe? Did you know that Colmar, France is a city with nearly the same population as Grand Junction, Colorado? Colmar is home to about 70,284 residents, while Grand Junction has about 68,034 residents.

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Colorado's Most Beautiful Street

Colorado's Most Beautiful Street
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ArchitecturalDigest.com names Colorado Avenue in Telluride as the most beautiful street in the Centennial State. This incredible stretch of road is surrounded by the largest concentration of 13er and 14er peaks in the state without a single traffic light or national fast food restaurant or chain store anywhere in sight.

Enjoy a closer look at Colorado Avenue in Telluride by scrolling through the photo gallery below.

Colorado Street Named One of the Most Beautiful in the World

Every state in America is home to at least one beautiful street. Architectural Digest recently released a list of the most beautiful streets in the world, including one street in Colorado. Keep reading to learn some cool facts about the Colorado town home to one of the best streets anywhere.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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