A new business is moving into the Orchard Mesa Plaza on the northwest corner of 27 Road and Highway 50 in Grand Junction. Actually, they're taking up three units. Who's moving in?

There have been a number of vacant units in this complex for some time now. All of a sudden someone is gutting three of them and building one large business space.

It appears Cruisers will be opening a bar on Orchard Mesa. This could be interesting. I peeked through the windows, and it appears as if a major renovation is underway.

I've lived on Orchard Mesa since 1983. During that time, the only bars I can recall would be the old Branding Iron Lounge (still having flashbacks), the Thunder Mountain Tavern, and the one that occupied the building near the car wash.

You're probably wondering the same thing I was - is this going to be a second location, or are they closing down the Horizon Drive bar? I called and spoke with an employee. The location at 715 Horizon Drive will remain open. There will now be two Cruisers locations to visit.

What about live music? The bar on Horizon Drive has live bands. How about Orchard Mesa? The employee I spoke to said most definitely "Yes". It's been a long, long time since Orchard Mesa had a venue with live music. Right on.

This could make for an interesting venture. There isn't much like it in that part of town. At a glance, it appears as though the new business will have considerable square footage.The shopping plaza offers ample parking.

Orchard Mesa Plaza Grand Junction
Waylon Jordan

This plaza can now be your one-stop-shop. Think about it, you can go get a drink while doing your laundry at the laundromat next door. Getting the munchies? There's a Subway right next door. Need some smokes? Smoker Friendly is on the other side of the parking lot. That's convenience.

Welcome to Orchard Mesa, Cruisers. It will be interesting to see how this new venture unfolds.

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