Colorado is becoming quite famous for the craft beer made here, but what about cider?

Cider was one of the favorites of immigrants but during prohibition, the apple orchards that grew the apples for this amazing drink were dug up and replaced with dessert apples.

But now cider is making a comeback. Colorado is a huge craft beer maker and has five of the best craft breweries in the country, but cider had been largely forgotten until recently.

So, where in Colorado can we find the best cider the state has to offer?

Stem Cider - Denver

They have one particular cider we here on the Western Slope may want to try. It's made from Western Slope crabapples. It's called Crabby Neighbor.

The company is in Denver, but the trees are here on the Western Slope, which makes them that much more delicious. They planted over 1,000 apple trees here to take advantage of the amazing growing seasons here, and of course, everything grown here just tastes better. Try the Grasshop-ah or Ol' Stumpy.

More than just cider. They let you pick your own fruit if you want to, or you can stop by the Orchard Store, Cafe, and Tasting room. But if you get a chance, try the Pommeau, aged in bourbon barrels. Yum.

Snow Capped Cider - Cedaredge/Austin

From branch to bottle, these guys have been doing this for 105 years and they sure know how. The Tasting Shed, in Austin, will have you very glad you made the trip.

If you have been anywhere around this place, you know how good it is. Apple and pear ciders give you the Western Slope with every glass. It's all delicious and all local. In business for 111 years.

These are my choices, what about yours?

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