Everybody and I mean EVERYBODY is doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. You see videos of your favorite actors, artists, politicians, and presidents. Even you, your friends and family are taking the ice bucket "challenge." But really, where's the challenge? And is it just another fad?

Dumping a bucket of ice water over your head isn't a challenge really, yes it's cold and a brief shock to your system, but NOT a challenge.

So, is the challenge writing a $10 check or a $100 check to the ALS Association? To me, that could be more of a challenge.

The truth is, when this "challenge" first started going around the internet a few months ago, not many people knew what it was, or is, much less what ALS is. Even people doing the challenge still don't have a clue.

To date, the ALS Association has raised $79.7 million dollars in donations compared to just $2.5 million dollars during the same last year. That's awesome.

Has this fund raising opportunity or social media trend brought families, friends and people all across the world together? Yes. Do more people know what ALS is? Yes.

So what's the problem?

No matter what you think about the "challenge," or the "wasting" of water, or jumping on the bandwagon, the bottom line is, the ALS Association and every person living and affected by ALS are the real winners.

If you haven't taken the challenge, donations can be made to the ALS Association or locally to The Condit Family.

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