One. More. Ice Bucket Challenge. And it's a good one! She's not using ice, this genius is wasting perfectly good moonshine. So what happens when you pour moonshine into your eyes? It burns. A lot.

This lady redneck is great. I can't tell if she's drunk or always that um, dumb. And she doesn't want to get "into the pacifics" of the disease.

Since she's so much of "an environmental activist" she doesn't want to waste water, she says that water should be sent to the "African bloated bellies babies, bless their little heart."

So she uses moonshine instead, and quickly finds out why that was a bad idea. "My eeeeyyyyyeeeesssss!" sob sob sob "Oh my God y'all I'm blind!"

See what happens when you try to and do something good.

She's a special kind of stupid.

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