There's a new list and Grand Junction is on it! And this time for a good reason- kinda.

According to the real estate website Movoto, Grand Junction is ranked seventh (seventh!) as the sexiest small town in America. Are you surprised? Maybe just a little?

So how did they determine Grand Junction should even be ranked in the top 10 at all? The criteria is a bit, well, sketchy. Cities were ranked based on:

  • Nightlife, bars, clubs, etc per capita
  • Lingerie stores per capita
  • Adult Stores per capita
  • Adult Entertainment per capita (strip clubs, etc)
  • Massage Parlors per capita
  • Hotels
  • Average Summer Temperature

Sounds like we are more like the seventh seediest small town in America- not the sexiest.

Here the full list of Americas "sexiest" small cities.

  1. Sarasota, FL
  2. Pensacola, FL
  3. Bradenton, FL
  4. Marietta, GA
  5. Carson City, NV
  6. Ocala, FL
  7. Grand Junction, CO
  8. Lancaster, PA
  9. Chapel Hill, NC
  10. San Marcos, TX

Do you think Grand Junction deserves to be on that list?

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