Oh goody, it's that time of year again. Property taxes are due. Where do Mesa County residents go to pay their property taxes?

There is, of course, the easy answer: the mailbox. If you've received your property tax bill, you can easily send in your payment via snail mail. If you were looking to split the payments in half, you've already missed the first-half payment. For those looking to pay in full for the year, you still have until the end of April.

Let's say you want to pay in person. The older I get, the more I like to pay bills in person, by check, while dealing with another sentient human being. The transaction is taken care of in one shot, and in the end, you have a shiny receipt in your hands proving you paid.

Where does one go to pay in person? Your destination lies at 544 Rood Avenue in Grand Junction. You'll hear people refer to it as the "Old Mesa County Courthouse." If you are conducting business at this location, you'll find a convenient park area, free of charge, directly east of the building. I've been to the location several times in the last few weeks, and there are always parking spaces to be found.

Waylon Jordan

Proceed straight across the street from the parking area and you'll see the main doors directly in front of you. Please note, the old "front doors" located on the south side of the building are no longer in use. You'll want to head through the fun little "merry-go-round" door located on the east side. Once you are through that, you'll see this sign:

Waylon Jordan

The instructions are perfect - proceed past the sign, go up about four stairs. Before long you'll see another four or five steps directly ahead. Head up those stairs and look left. Walk down that hallway, and BOOM... you're there.

You'll find several amazing clerks ready to help. I went down there on February 28, the last day to make a partial payment, and the place was jammin'. Even at that, I was helped immediately. I went down again today, March 2, and had the place to myself. They are well-staffed and really on the ball.

I learned something interesting today. Let's say you haven't received your property tax statement. They have an ample collection of property tax invoices which have been returned as "undeliverable." If you've moved lately, and haven't received your tax notice, you might want to check there.

There's not a lot of fun to be had when it comes to NOT paying your property taxes. Sending important documents and checks for large sums of money through the mail makes me nervous. Accessing the Mesa County Treasurer's Office is easy and convenient.

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