I think we've all learned by now that bigger isn't necessarily better.

Lots of people have said it, but I have no idea who the first person was to suggest that bigger is better. At some point, another wise guy chimed in with the mantra "go big or go home." What does that even mean? The cold, hard fact is that bigger is not always better.

Sometimes Bigger Is Better

The truth is, some things are better when they are bigger. A bigger fish, a bigger bed,  a bigger burger, bigger cinnamon roll,  a bigger bowl of ice cream, and a bigger bank account are just a few things that cross my mind when I think of things that are better when they are bigger.

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Sometimes It's Not

On the opposite side of the spectrum is the question, "when is bigger not better?" Well, let's see - a bigger earthquake, a bigger avalanche, a bigger pile of dirty dishes, a bigger pothole. You get the idea.

Recently we put that question on social media and received some interesting responses which you can see in the gallery below.

One of the more interesting responses came from Karen who said "when you are too tall for the bed or the bathtub." Another interesting response came from Janis. I'm sure she wasn't referring to her own feet, but she said bigger is not better when "you have big feet and you want a cute pair of shoes."

When Bigger Isn't Better

Can you think of some instances when bigger is not better? Recently, we asked our listeners to think about it and give us some evidence that bigger is not always better. Check out their responses below and feel free to join the conversation on social media or send us a message on the station app.

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